Template & Mock Up

Template is an exact size layout showing all folding, cutting creasing in exact size for product view-ability as well used for pre-press. We offer templates for almost all the products, custom products involve custom template manufacturing which is offered free of charge after order confirmation.

On Other hand Mock up is 3D or 2D illustration of product for customer’s understanding about production closing and functionally as how it should look after production is completed. Mock Up is normally required for large orders e.g. packing boxes, custom folding items etc.
Though we offer free templates for almost all products online, In-case you need template in specific size or shape you can as us via email sales@printingthestuff.ca

We operate following software’s, Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, Corel Draw®, PDF®, InDesign®, and Word.

Template Content

  • Bleed Area
  • Safety Zone
  • Cutting Line
  • Creasing / Folding

Bleed Area: Designing extension beyond cutting point to avoid not printed area
Cutting Mark: Indication of cutting or die cutting
Creasing / Folding: Indicate Folding on creasing within template
Safety Marking: All important information and content must be 3mm inside from cutting line